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NDIS Managed Meal Plans

Great news! If you currently have an NDIS Managed Plan that provides you with a budget to have your meals delivered to you, we are now able to sustain you with that support
You only pay 30% of the listed menu price for all of our delicious, home style, Heat & Eat meals, with your NDIS allocation covering the rest
No cooking and no cutting is required. Pop our meals into your fridge or freezer then heat and eat them, whenever it suits you
Once on board, we will send you a unique code that you can use for every order, which will deduct 70% from your total spend, leaving you only needing to pay the balance of 30% at checkout
For example, if you order $150 worth of meals for the week ahead, after applying your code, you only end up paying $45 at our online checkout. The balance is allocated against your NDIS budget, which your Coordinator of Support (COS) can help you to manage. Click the button below to see our entire menu listed showing the actual prices you would pay for each meal
With the YumboRama NDIS Managed Plan Service Agreement there are no minimum spends or minimum order amounts required, and you are free to stop ordering from us at any time, although we are sure you will be wonderfully amazed at the quality of the meals we will be delivering to your door
To get started, simply send us an email via yumborama@gmail.com or call us on 04521 90470 to express your interest, and we can take it from there

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