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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. All you do is heat and eat!

Some of our meals are delivered frozen and others are delivered chilled.

However, the chilled meals can also be frozen.



Some meals will best be heated in an oven, and others in a microwave.

You may also decide to heat the rice or pasta based dished in a pan if you prefer.



Yes they are.

If you click on the (more info) button for each menu item, you will see all the ingredients, allergens, heating and storage instructions, plus portion sizes

We understand that online is not for everyone, so call us on 04521 90470 and we can organize everything over the phone

Contact Yumborama – Heat & Eat Meals In Newcastle

Yes you can. Just let us know during checkout, by telling us in the delivery notes, that you plan to swing by and collect. Meals can be collected between 1.30pm and 3.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

We cover most of Newcastle three days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, then weekly runs through The Hunter and Port Stephens each Tuesday, The Central Coast each Wednesday, and Lake Macquarie each Friday. 

We have a Delivery Areas tab under the How It Works Menu.

Meal Delivery Areas – Yumborama

No, you don’t.

If you are not in, we will leave your meals at your door, inside our chilled and insulated delivery bags, and text you once we have dropped off.

We can collect the bag and ice blanket next time around. Easy peasy.

There is a delivery fee of between $8.50 and $9.50 depending on your postcode and distance from our base in Broadmeadow

Yes the minimum order is $50 for local deliveries and $65 for suburbs and areas further afield

No. We have no contracts and there is no requirement to place an order. We want to help make your life easier. Just use us when you need us.

Yes you can, as long as you contact us first, then we can make those arrangements

Yes you can.

A gift voucher is purchased as if it is a meal.

Select the voucher you would like, or a combination of vouchers to reach the total you wish to purchase, and then checkout and pay.

Don’t worry about the delivery date at checkout.

Select any date, as the person you are purchasing the voucher for, will decide the date they want their meals delivered, when they redeem their voucher.

Once you purchase the voucher(s) we will be in contact with you to gather some details to arrange the unique voucher code for the recipient and then email you the details.

Gift Vouchers – Yumborama

Yes it is. All our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable and all our meals are made and packed by hand, not by machines!

A Onesie is a rice, noodle or pasta dish, where all the ingredients are in the one container. Ideal if you don’t always need a full size serve, and great value at only $10

Onesies – Meals Delivered Newcastle – YumboRama


Yes we can.

If you are a Self-Managed or Plan-Managed NDIS participant, we can provide you with NDIS subsidised meals, whereby you only pay 30% of the invoice at checkout.

There is a page on our website for NDIS Participants. Click this link below.

NDIS Meal Plans – Yumborama

You can email us via yumborama@gmail.com

Or call 04521 90470 to find out if YumboRama is right for you

Yes you can can.

We supply many meals to folks under their My Aged Care Plans. If you are a Self-Managed or Plan-Managed, we can provide you with meals whereby you only pay 30% of the invoice at checkout.

There is a page on our website for My Aged Care Plan Participants. Click this link below.

My Aged Care Meal Plans – Yumborama

You can email us via yumborama@gmail.com

Or call 04521 90470 to find out if YumboRama is right for you

You sure can.

With your customer account all your orders and invoices will be saved, as will your address and payment details, making it simple and fast to reorder.

We certainly do.

Join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with all our special offers and discounts, plus other interesting Yumbo news.

Scroll to the bottom of any page and you will see where you can join our YumboRama gang

We have lots of coupon codes published here on our website.

Some codes will add meals to your cart. Some will offer a percentage discount from your invoice, and others will deduct cold hard cash.

Just choose the code that works best for you! Click the link below to see the codes currently available.

Coupon Codes

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