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Mid Size Roast Lamb with Baked Potatoes Greens Mint Jelly & Gravy (Chilled)


12-hour slow cooked lamb & rosemary with roast potatoes, greens, mint jelly & gravy
Lamb, rosemary, washed potatoes, table salt, white pepper, greens, chicken stock, gravy powder, mint jelly
Contains gluten – whilst we make every effort, we do not claim our kitchen to be allergen free from cross contamination. If you or if anyone else you are ordering for has a severe allergy, we would recommend that you consider your options carefully
Heat in a fan forced over at 175 (c) for 15-20 minutes remembering to remove the protective film first, or alternatively leave film on, and microwave for 3-5 minutes
Mid size portion of 375 grams. Ideal for lovers of lamb but who have a smaller appetite
Delivered fresh, cooked and chilled. Refrigerate asap and consumer within 3 days. Can be frozen, but best to do so within 24 hours of delivery