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Fudgie Chocolate Brownies


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Chocolate Brownies. Oven baked to perfection. Fudgie ta boot. Hand made here at Yumbo central
Butter, vegetable oil, caster sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, plain flour, cocoa, chocolate
Contains gluten, dairy & eggs – whilst we make every effort, we do not claim our kitchen to be allergen free from cross contamination. If you or if anyone else you are ordering for has a severe allergy, we would recommend that you consider your options carefully
Remove from foil tray and place in a microwave proof container, heating for (90) seconds from frozen or (30 seconds if thawed. Alternatively you can eat without heating once thawed. Whatever is your preference!
This is a generous serving of (2) homemade oven-baked, fudgie chocolate brownies, enough for two adults or three smaller children
Delivered frozen. Place in your freezer intact & in a sealed container asap and consume within (6) months. Consume within (3) days once thawed and refrigerated