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The YumboRama Gift Voucher is a perfect way to send your friends and loved ones a care package of their own choosing, which many folks will need in these difficult times.

The way it works is you order the gift voucher as if it’s a meal, add it to your basket, pay at the checkout, then email us with the contact details of the person you have purchased your gift voucher for.

We will set up a voucher code which deducts the same amount from their order total, as the gift voucher you purchased for them, contact them and let them know that they have received a gift voucher from you, copying you in, and hey presto, they are good to go.

They jump online, place their order, apply their voucher code which is specific to them, and that amount will be deducted from the total of their order.

If you have any questions about how our voucher system works please email us on yumborama@gmail.com

It`s a great way to help feed a friend or family member as we all adjust and adapt to these difficult times.

Love and Peace from the Yumbo Crew