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BBQ Beef Brisket Pie (Frozen)


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Slow braised brisket pieces with a hickory bbq gravy
Brisket, hickory bbq sauce, chicken stock, gravy powder, Worcestershire, table salt, white pepper, puff pastry
Contains gluten & dairy plus traces of seafood from the Worcestershire sauce – whilst we make every effort, we do not claim our kitchen to be allergen free from cross contamination. If you or if anyone else you are ordering for has a severe allergy, we would recommend that you consider your options carefully
Remove from paper bag and place in a preheated fan forced oven at 175C for (35) minutes when heating from frozen. If your pie has been thawed reduce heat time to (15) minutes
This is a single serve beef brisket pie
Delivered frozen. Place in your freezer intact & in a sealed container asap and consume within (6) months. Consume within (3) days once thawed and refrigerated